Accelerator Hub Finalists

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The Top 5 Finalists of Positive Planet’s Accelerator Hub Program  

In December 2020, Positive Planet US launched a new innovative program called the Accelerator Hub. This program has been set up to respond to economic inequity for underserved women in our local communities. We received over 100 applications, and our first cohort of participants was selected from the NY metropolitan area. 

After reviewing all the submissions, the Positive Planet’s Board of Directors selected the top 5 start-ups. These entrepreneurs will receive coaching from Capgemini’s Financial Services top leaders, who work with global financial services enterprises on optimizing their business.  At Positive Planet US, we are proud to partner with Capgemini for the class of March 2021 and delighted to announce our top 7 finalists from this great initiative. Our vision is to expand this program across the United States and accelerate as many businesses as possible

Our top 5 finalists of our Accelerator Hub Program

1. Cydney Preston – Iced Out Water Ice

Cydney Preston, an aspiring women entrepreneur who started Iced Out Water Ice, a socially conscious restaurant that provides quality Italian ice and customer service to the East Harlem community. Iced Out Water Ice is a mission-led for-profit restaurant that exclusively employs formerly incarcerated individuals while providing them career opportunities at a competitive wage and unbiased workplace.

2. Emily Penzo – North Node 

North Node is an early-stage social impact startup founded by Emily Penzo. It’s an North Node is an early-stage social impact startup founded by Emily Penzo. It’s an innovative platform connecting volunteers and nonprofits enabling socially conscious individuals to develop authentic meaningful connections. North Node’s goal is to create a full-fledged value-matching multi-platform app where members create their own personal profile, sign up for volunteering activities, and connect with other members that help pull them into a welcoming philanthropic community.

3. Jennifer J. – Business development Bootcamp 

Jennifer, founder of Business development Bootcamp aims at providing comprehensive training for Minority- and Women-Owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs) to learn best business development practices at the comprehensive beginning, intermediate or advanced level. They are working to develop a curriculum that can be delivered online. (Subscriptions to online course material augmented by live and in-person classes).

4. Julie Obaso – Media/Entertainment for kids 

Julie Obaso, the founder of an innovative startup called Douglas Digital Kids based out of New York City has designed an interactive platform that creates and showcases animated content and stories for black children. Formatted as a cartoon series, and featuring various Black and African characters from around the world. The aim of Douglas Digital Kids is to bring positive changes by uplifting the African community in America and the African diaspora. The animated series will not only entertain but will upskill the learning and literacy skills of the kids.

5. Luisa Bustamante, Lori Oladipo, Lucia Eastman – BLOOM Design & Development

Luisa, Lori, and Lucia, three minority women founded BLOOM Design & Development. It is an architecture, design, construction and real estate development startup that aims to offer thoughtful and expert design, from a perspective that hasn’t traditionally had a voice.

With over 35 years of experience in the Architecture industry. Their idea is to combine top-tier work experience with unique cultural backgrounds and fill a longstanding gap in the marketplace.They plan to implement this by buying land or real estate that they can then design and build themselves to cater to the needs of the target group.

How will these startups benefit from our Accelerator hub program?

Our Accelerator program is a cutting-edge program that serves as a gateway for startups to look beyond borders and turn their vision into reality. These startups are now undergoing an 8-week mentorship program conducted by Capgemini leaders and other industry experts. The mentorship program was developed to jumpstart these businesses operationally, providing them with structured business education and hands-on experience with evaluating market opportunities in their niche and fine-tuning their business plans. During this one-on-one mentorship program, the finalists will define and build their products and services, identify potential customer segments, and learn how to apply for business loans. The tailored coaching program and skills developed during the accelerator will help take these businesses to the next level.

Positive Planet US guiding your entrepreneurial journey

Positive Planet US aims to nurture promising social entrepreneurship startups and help them turn their ideas into successful businesses. This program improves social inclusion for minority women in the United States by enhancing their opportunities and their chances for success.  

Thank you to all the candidates who took the time to apply to this program and congratulations to these amazing women on being selected!

The Top 5 Finalists of Positive Planet’s Accelerator Hub Program

A New Year’s Letter from Ingrid Gonzalez

Dear all,

As the end of the year draws near, I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for an amazing 2020. Positive Planet launched in the United States in July with only one volunteer, in the middle of a pandemic. Now in December, we have over 60 persevering and energetic volunteers working to alleviate poverty and foster entrepreneurship. Despite living in challenging times, we are well on our way to making a monumental difference for those in need.

In 2021, we will continue our campaign to break the chains of poverty through promoting entrepreneurship initiatives. Our 2021 goal is to serve 10,000 future entrepreneurs and job seekers in marginalized communities in the United States and beyond; providing guidance and tools such as financial education, vocational training, access to financing, and monetary support. I am confident that we will create a more Positive Planet together.

I would like to end by personally thanking everyone who helped build a positive economy with us. Thank you for your compassion, dedication, and support for the betterment of others.

On behalf of the Positive Planet team we wish you and your family a positive holiday season and a happy new year.

Warm Wishes,

Ingrid Gonzalez – Positive Planet US President and Chairwoman

First Positive Planet Accelerator Hub in the United States

Positive Planet US is delighted to announce the launch of our first Accelerator program in the US. With the support of our partner Capgemini, we will conduct an 8-week program aimed at supporting minority women in the New-York Metropolitan Area launching successful startups.  

The Accelerator hub includes one-on-one training and will teach small business owners the ins and outs of business plans, finance, sales, marketing and everything else they need to know to run a successful business. Participants will also be offered access to special bonus sessions presented by key industry experts from exclusive partnerships.

Applications are open until January 6th to minority women entrepreneurs who have viable business ideas and that would contribute to positive economic, social, environmental or political change.

Combining visionary women with the next great idea and our team of Capgemini experts, our accelerator program will bring participants’ businesses to the next level.

Positive Planet’s first Accelerator program aims to improve social inclusion for minority women in the United States by enhancing their opportunities and their chances for success.  

On January 13th our board of directors will select 5 startup founders to participate in this unique Accelerator hub.  We are incredibly excited to welcome these incredible startup founders into our first Accelerator program.

Ingrid Gonzalez’ Podcast Interview to Listen to Right Now

Ingrid Gonzalez Empathy quote

If there’s one thing to take away from the 57th episode of the We Are for Good podcast for nonprofits, it is that:

“Empathy is the key to inclusivity and growth!”

Ingrid Gonzalez, Chairwoman and President of Positive Planet in the US

Growth is a word heard constantly in business. Even in the nonprofit world, where growing and being profitable translates to being able to help those in need. How do you grow a nonprofit from the ground up, with no funds in the middle of a pandemic? How do you create a culture of inclusion, where all differences are not only respected and valued, but encouraged?

Listen to the episode to find more out about Positive Planet’s mission to make the world more positive economically, socially, environmentally and democratically and Ingrid’s unique approach to helping the underserved communities by making diversity, equity and inclusion non-negotiable and part of every day – from the third world to the boardroom.
We Are For Good Podcast – The Podcast for Nonprofits
57. A Woman’s Quest to Bring Inclusivity to the Boardroom and Third World Alike – Ingrid Gonzalez
Ingrid Gonzalez, Positive Planet US, We Are For Good Podcast

Ingrid Gonzalez, President and Chairwoman of Positive Planet US Meets Jérémie Robert, Consul General of France

Ingrid Gonzalez, President and Chairwoman of Positive Planet US and Jérémie Robert, Consul General of France at the French Consulate in New York, Nov. 30, 2020

The effort against extreme poverty knows no borders. This is the reason why, in July 2020 and in the midst of the pandemic, Jacques Attali took the initiative to extend the Positive Planet Foundation’s action to the United States. He entrusted this task to Ingrid Gonzalez, appointed President and Chairwoman of Positive Planet US.

This Monday, on November 30, 2020, Ingrid Gonzalez had the honor of meeting Jérémie Robert, Consul General of France in New York. Together, they discussed the work of Positive Planet US, which aims to build and sustain a truly positive economy in the United States and around the world. Shared values drive our commitment: values of inclusion and diversity. Together, we can help promote these values and raise awareness among the French community in the United States and internationally.

Philippe Galtie Joins the Positive Planet US Board of Directors

ingrid gonzalez philippe galtie positive planet

We are honored to announce that Philippe Galtie is now part of the Positive Planet US Board of Directors.

Mr. Galtie is currently Executive Vice President of Global Sales of Tiffany & Co. He is a veteran from the consumer goods and luxury industries, he has worked for prestigious companies and brands across different continents such as Cartier and LVMH. 

Mr. Galtie is engaged in various diversity, inclusion and sustainability initiatives and has always been keen to help others to create and grow, in particular the younger generation. He is also a Board member at  the Luxury Business School (LBI).

Thank you, WeBoard for the wonderful introduction to Mr.Galtie and thank you, French Founders for the outstanding support to the launch of Positive Planet US.

Ingrid Gonzalez, President and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Positive Planet in the US