Meet our Accelerator Hub Finalist: Cydney Preston, founder of Iced Out Water Ice

Iced Out Water Ice 

Crime rates in the U.S. have significantly declined over the last decades but the incarceration rate has increased. As per the latest data from the U.S. Department of Justice, around 65,000 Americans are released from prison annually. The increasing rates of incarceration has resulted in a large population of formerly incarcerated individuals across the United States. 

These individuals make a difficult transition from prison to re-entering society. During the transition, they face many challenges and roadblocks including finding a stable job and living a normal life like everyone else. The unemployment rate of formerly incarcerated individuals is nearly five times higher than the general population in the United States. 

As a second chance for the formerly incarcerated individuals, now businesses are making a huge difference in their lives by providing them with stable employment opportunities. Keeping this in mind, Cydney Preston has come up with a brilliant street cart business model called Iced Out Water Ice. She exclusively employs formerly incarcerated individuals to provide them with career opportunities at a competitive wage and unbiased workplace. 

Cydney Preston,  our Aspiring Entrepreneur 

Cydney Preston, a New York based African American, is the founder of Iced Out Water Ice. This mission-led for-profit street cart provides quality Italian ice and ice cream  to the East Harlem community. She exclusively employs formerly incarcerated individuals to provide them with a second chance to re-shape their lives. 

Iced Out Water Ice is a 4-month-old start-up that has a B2B/B2C business model. The main idea is to serve Italian ice and ice cream that can be consumed by all ages making everyone in the community enjoy them. Her customers are the East Harlem community which currently account for 111,452 individuals, that is 48,006.4 people per square mile. 

Her vision of becoming a successful woman entrepreneur made her come up with a unique street cart business idea that is not only socially conscious but also aims to reduce recidivism in her community.

Positive Planet US Empowering Women Entrepreneurs in the US 

Cydney Preston is an aspiring woman entrepreneur. Since it’s her first business, she is eager to acquire the in-depth knowledge and skills to become a successful entrepreneur and create a thriving start-up business. She applied for the Positive Planet Accelerator Hub program to learn from our industry experts and explore the business opportunities that can help make it a tangible profitable business.

We at Positive Planet US, are proud to support rising entrepreneur, Cydney Preston with our Accelerator Hub Program.  Our program is especially designed to provide 1:1 coaching for minority women entrepreneurs who are at the early stages of their entrepreneurial journey and looking to take their new business ideas to the next level.

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