Episode 04: Florence Bassono and Faso Attiéké

Faso Attiéké produces fresh and dried cassava couscous (attiéké). The company produced 542 tonnes of attiéké in 2019 and currently employs 50 full-time employees. Florence Bassono founded the company in 2015 after being stopped at the border. She was forbidden to bring attiéké into her community in Burkina Faso, an essential piece of their diet. She now works with 500 small-scale cassava farmers. They’ve differentiated themselves from the competitors through the quality of their products and their brand image. Faso Attiéké’s is having a tremendous impact on the community. By creating over 50 full-time jobs, providing sustainable income to over 500 local farmers and 200+ female cassava collectors, Florence’s presence goes far beyond the kitchen.

“I started the business on the side while still employed by another company, which gave me the ability to take out a bank loan. Later on, we also received a loan from the Fonds Burkinabè de Développement Economique et Social, a national investment fund; a grant from Luxembourg-based NGO ASTM; a loan from Initiative Ouaga, and a grant from the Danish-backed Programme for Economic Growth within the Agricultural Sector (PCESA).”
– Florence Bassono

Florence founded the organization in 2015 and participated in the 2020 round of the AFIDBA, a multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder, international, and bilingual program dedicated to the inclusive, digital, and sustainable economic growth in continental Africa partnership with Positive Planet International.

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