Episode 05: Rosemary Kwofie and Edward Neequaye use Built Accounting to democratize prosperity, making digitalization indeed an inclusive advantage for micro-enterprises throughout Africa

Rosemary Kwofie and Edward Neequaye met at University in Ghana and founded @Built Accounting in 2016. They participated in the 2019 round of the @afidba, a multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder, international, and bilingual program dedicated to the inclusive, digital, and sustainable economic growth in continental Africa, in partnership with @positive planet international.

Since 2016, @Built Accounting has impacted over 5,000 small businesses in Ghana through its application, small business training programs, business development services, and partnerships. Through collaboration on the ENGINE project, Built worked directly with 320 enterprises. Over two years, these businesses have gone on to mobilize over $480,000 in credit, generating $2.5 million in incremental revenue and creating over 500 new jobs.

With a core objective of the company being to “democratize prosperity” for small business owners throughout Africa, they are a thriving example of a company that personifies the four pillars of sustainability in our programs at @Positive Planet US; economic, social, environmental, and democratic.

Support this and more initiatives like it HERE.

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