Episode 06: Antoine de Mirbeck and Rédouane el Haloui fill a hidden gap with a rapidly growing “Uber Freight” in Casablanca, Morocco

Antoine de Mirbeck and Redouane el Haloui founded @peecoopcom in 2020 but have known each other for years. Peecoop is a free mobile application based out of Casablanca, Morocco, which allows you to quickly find and geolocate a scooter, a mini Honda, or a pick-up to transport all your goods; your “Uber Freight,” if you will.

Peecoop now has more than 1,000 verified “peecoopers” who are currently referenced and deployed in Greater Casablanca to respond to all your requests without you having to move from where you are.

With over 1,000 verified users, Peecoop promotes an economically and socially sustainable environment of inclusive employability. Moving workers from the black market to the traditional job market can work with many more clients/consumers on a digital marketplace.

Antoine de Mirbeck and Redouane el Haloui founded the organization in 2020. They participated in the 2020 round of the @afidba, a multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder, international, and bilingual program dedicated to the inclusive, digital, and sustainable economic growth in continental Africa, in partnership with @positive planet international.


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