Episode 08 – Gideon Dendzo and Giddins Fashion build an ecosystem for sustainable business in Ghana, by creating durable products with recycled materials and employing the unemployed in his community

Gideon Dendzo was in his second year at when his little brother, Greg, started his first year at the same university in Ghana. At that point, he noticed that the amount of money his parents could afford had to be split in two. As a result, he needed to find a way to support himself on campus.

At the same time, he noticed that his male classmates weren’t able to find affordable, durable shoes to wear at the university. As a food process engineer, he started to apply conveyor belt processes to create environmentally sustainable shoes that would last. From 5 pairs, to 65 pairs he quickly realized he was also providing employment for the community.

With his venture, Giddins Fashion, he was able to develop a three-pronged approach and build a sustainable business;

  1. Economic sustainability – Producing a long-lasting, durable and inexpensive shoe for a generation in need.
  2. Environmental sustainability – Creating durable shoes from recycled waste material
  3. Social sustainability – Developing a livelihood for members of his community
Gideon participated in the 2020 round of the @afidba, a multidisciplinary, multi-stakeholder, international and bilingual programme dedicated to the inclusive, digital and sustainable economic growth in continental Africa, in partnership with Positive Planet International

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