Episode 11: Nobox Lab uses design thinking and social innovation to prepare Morocco’s next generation

Sophia el Bahja comes from an entrepreneurial family, but she realized that fact only years later when she learned more about her mother’s work. It was this legacy which most likely led her to build a Moroccan social enterprise with education at its core. Nobox Lab focuses on experiential programs for adolescents.

Sophia El Bahja Noblox

In our interview, Sophia walks us through the three main forms of learning that Nobox Lab is currently implementing. She also shares with us how she leverages design thinking and a unique innovation lab to introduce these new curricula for the Moroccan youth to express themselves differently. 

Sophia reminds us how the traditional education system gives the same learning experience to every child, expecting the same result. However, we know now that everyone learns differently, especially at a younger age when the brain is still developing. 

By providing  a human-centric platform, Nobox Lab helps develop important social-emotional skills, such as empathy and love, avoiding hateful narratives so present on today’s web.

Born out of social innovation, Nobox Lab is paving the way in Morocco with a growth strategy that revolves around key partnerships and a digital experience (with in-person training once it becomes available again) for a truly hybrid model.

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