Episode 17: Social Impact Strategies Group talk impact investing to democratize wealth

In a country still very much divided by socioeconomic class and race, equal opportunity for all is far from being fully realized in the United States. Certainly people of color know this better than anyone, still grappling with the brunt of inequity in all sectors of life.

As an African-American woman raised in a Los Angeles working-class neighborhood, Elaine Rasmussen knows first-hand the challenges many people of color face trying to prosper. After years working in finance, marketing, and philanthropy, in 2015 she founded Social Impact Strategies Consulting, a Minnesota-based financial advising and strategizing organization that works to democratize wealth, financial services, and access to capital by and for women and communities of color. Elaine spoke with Positive Planet to discuss her path to and presence in the burgeoning field called “impact investing.”

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