Ingrid Gonzalez’ Podcast Interview to Listen to Right Now

Ingrid Gonzalez Empathy quote

If there’s one thing to take away from the 57th episode of the We Are for Good podcast for nonprofits, it is that:

“Empathy is the key to inclusivity and growth!”

Ingrid Gonzalez, Chairwoman and President of Positive Planet in the US

Growth is a word heard constantly in business. Even in the nonprofit world, where growing and being profitable translates to being able to help those in need. How do you grow a nonprofit from the ground up, with no funds in the middle of a pandemic? How do you create a culture of inclusion, where all differences are not only respected and valued, but encouraged?

Listen to the episode to find more out about Positive Planet’s mission to make the world more positive economically, socially, environmentally and democratically and Ingrid’s unique approach to helping the underserved communities by making diversity, equity and inclusion non-negotiable and part of every day – from the third world to the boardroom.
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57. A Woman’s Quest to Bring Inclusivity to the Boardroom and Third World Alike – Ingrid Gonzalez
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