How This Nonprofit is Championing Entrepreneurship for Minorities in the United States

In the past year, the world has struggled to cope with the innumerable effects of the coronavirus. Two million people have perished, with millions more losing their jobs and facing unprecedented personal hardship. However, during this dark period, one organization has committed to help alleviate the situation to create a more positive future: Positive Planet US.

Positive Planet is a nonprofit organization founded by Jacques Attali in 1998 and has since helped eleven million people escape poverty around the world. Through international partnerships, corporate programs, and business networking, Positive Planet created a system to support an equal society where the economy serves all human beings and future generations, regardless of their color, gender, or background. In an effort to advance these values and expand our reach in the world’s largest economy, Positive Planet US launched in July 2020 in the midst of the pandemic, with one mission: to make the world more positive—economically, socially, environmentally, and democratically.

Positive Planet US would not function without the commitment and perseverance of its volunteers. In a matter of six months, departments have grown to include more than 65 volunteers working around the clock to create a more positive economy in the United States, equipped for sustainable development locally and globally. The organization focuses on three areas of expertise: entrepreneurship, financial education, and inclusive value chains.

Positive Planet US partners with local nongovernmental organizations, public and private training centers, universities, incubators, and public authorities to provide accelerator programs, vocational training, and seed funding for underprivileged entrepreneurs looking to support underserved communities. Each program is focused on supporting an informational financial education with partnerships from banks, cooperatives, and insurance companies.

With the current economic environment, Positive Planet US is dedicated to helping achieve local and global economic growth in underprivileged communities and contributing to the achievement of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals for a better and more sustainable future for all.

Ingrid Gonzalez, Chairwoman and President of Positive Planet US is leading the charge to not only achieve these objectives, but also make diversity and inclusion the norm. Currently a Sales Director at Google Cloud New York, Ingrid has enriched her expertise and skill sets to help further the businesses of underprivileged entrepreneurs. Due to her strength and dynamism, Ingrid was able to gather around her – and remotely – a team which is diverse and resourceful. Above all, with a strong knowledge of various cultures, Ingrid is the right person to bridge the gap and manage a team made of people with different nationalities, working all together to help multicultural communities. And making sure people are the center of economic support is all the more important in these challenging times.

Within six months of establishment in the United States, Positive Planet US launched its first US based program: the Women Accelerator Hub. Partnered with multinational corporation Capgemini, Positive Planet US is helping five minority women launch their businesses in an unprecedented economical climate with 8 intense weeks of one-on-one coaching. The entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to learn how to start and grow a business, sell their product or service, leverage social media and other marketing tools, apply for a business loan, and more, all with the support of Capgemini executive mentors. Participants will also be offered access to special bonus sessions presented by key industry experts from exclusive partnerships.

Positive Planet US will be launching a second program in partnership with Genpact; an E-Learning platform that will be accessible to entrepreneurs coming from underprivileged communities providing them with information, tools, and resources to build and grow their start up business.

These programs and initiatives are just the tip of the iceberg. Positive Planet US is determined to bring more resources to underserved communities in 2021. With goals to raise over $20 millions to benefit hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs and millions of people within underprivileged communities, Positive Planet US is bringing the positivity back in 2021.

To support the Positive Planet US missions and help us finance our programs, visit our website. Follow us on social media to stay updated on new initiatives and find out how you can take a hand in helping deserving but long-neglected communities in the United States.

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