Who We Are

The Positive Planet Foundation was founded by Jacques Attali in 1998 and has helped 11 million people in 42 countries. Today, the foundation is expanding to the United States. We are forming a new team with a mission to give the underprivileged the means to become entrepreneurs and create a positive economy. Ingrid Gonzalez was appointed in July 2020 as a President and Chairwoman of the Board of Directors of Positive Planet in the US.

Jacques Attali, Chairman and President of Positive Planet

Jacques Attali is a French economist, professor and writer was the Special Adviser to French President François Mitterrand for 10 years. He is the founder of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, Action contre la faim, EUREKA, BERD and Positive Planet. Attali has authored 80 books, which sold 10 million copies and were translated into 22 languages. He is a columnist for the French magazine, les Echos. Also, he has conducted orchestras worldwide: Paris Grenoble, London, Jerusalem, Shanghai, Astana, Montreal and Helsinki.

Ingrid Gonzalez, Chairwoman and President of Positive Planet US

Coming from a humble background, Ingrid is passionate about helping others. She has strived throughout her life to make diversity, equity and inclusion a norm and has worked for the biggest and most innovative tech companies in the world. Currently, Ingrid is Sales Director at Google Cloud New York. Ingrid is a part of the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team at Google and is very active in supporting younger women in their career in the U.S.

Board of Directors

“Nothing is more urgent than creating positive micro enterprises and making existing companies and territories worldwide more positive.”

Jacques Attali, Chairman of The Positive Planet Foundation

International Executive Board


Jacques Attali, President, Positive Planet International


Isabelle Santenac, Managing Partner, EY


Alexandre Allard, President, Groupe Allard
Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive Vice President, President Marketing, Worldwide Operations and Sales, Microsoft International
Christian Fleuret, President, Finarea
Farhad Hessabi, Senior Vice-President & General Manager, SAP Continental Europe
Anthony Khoi, President, AERIUM
Olivier Marchal, President, Bain & Compagny France
Stéphane Pallez, President and Chief Executive Officer, La Française des Jeux
Joël Pain, Chief Executive Officer, SPA
Marc Rennard, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Orange – Customer Experience & Mobile Banking

Jean-Michel Attal, Lawyer, SCP Attal & Associés
Patrick Gounelle, Board Chairman, Positive Planet Foundation
Corinne Evens, Trustee, Evens Foundation
Henri Lachmann, Ex-Chief Executive Officer, Schneider Electric
Bertrand Lavayssière, UK Managing Director, ZEB
Denis Metzger, President, Action contre la Faim
Philippe Peuch-Lestrade, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, International Integrated Reporting Council
Robert Sebbag, Ex-Vice President, Sanofi
David B. Sela, Chief Executive Officer, COPAP
Philippe Varin, Chairman of the Board of Directors, AREVA